GEOG R101 - Elements of Physical Geography

Course Description:Tsunami painting
This course is an introduction to physical geography as a spatial study which investigates the “human/environment” interaction process incorporating the elements of the atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere. Global environmental issues will also be reviewed. Field trips may be required.


Prerequisite for:
This course can be taken with or as a prerequisite to GEOG R101L (Physical Geography Lab).

Degree fulfillment:
GEOG R101 can be used to fulfill major requirements for the following programs:

  • A.A. in General Studies Pattern I, Natural Sciences emphasis
  • A.A. in General Studies Pattern II, Natural Sciences or Mathematics emphasis
  • A.A. in General Studies Pattern III, Natural Sciences or Mathematics emphasis

GE Fulfillment:
GEOG R101 partially fulfills General Education requirement A (Natural Sciences) for all associate degrees at Oxnard College (when not used to fulfill a major requirement).

IGETC or CSU-GE fulfillment:

  • GEOG R101 partially fulfills the Area 5 (Physical and Biological Sciences) requirement for IGETC certification.
  • GEOG R101 partially fulfills the Area B (Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning) requirement for CSU-GE Breadth certification.

See a counselor for more information on IGETC or CSU-GE Breadth certification.

Some transfer information:
Credit from GEOG R101 can be transferred to several universities; the chart below shows a few of the possibilities. For more complete transfer information, see a counselor at the Transfer Center or visit ASSIST online.

University            GEOG R101 Equivalent


Supplemental Course Materials, listed by instructor

Professor: Christiane Mainzer
Contact info: Office phone: (805) 986-5800, ext. 1930; Email:

Exercises and Assignments:
Exercise 1: Earth/Sun Relationship (PDF)
Exercise 2: Hole in the Ozone Layer (PDF)
Exercise 3: Atmospheric Structure and Composition (PDF)
Air Masses/Plate Tectonics Map Assignment (PDF)
Climate Chart (PDF)

Outlines and Notes:
Characteristics of the Atmosphere (PDF)
Global Radiation and the Heat Balance (PDF)
Motion in the Atmosphere (PDF)
Atmospheric Moisture (PDF)
Earth Materials - The Rock Cycle (PDF)
Volcanism (PDF)
Crustal Deformation (PDF)
Landmass Denudation (PDF)
Streams (PDF)
Desert Landscape (PDF)
Marine Processes and Coastal Landforms (PDF)
Soils (PDF)
Biogeography (PDF)
Notes: Climate Classification (PDF)

Atmosphere (PDF)
Characteristics of Atmosphere (PDF)
Characteristics of Energy (PDF)
Atmospheric Energy and Global Temperatures (PDF)
Global Air Currents (PDF)
Earth's Layers, Part 1 (PDF)
Earth's Layers, Part 2 (PDF)
Chemical Weathering (PDF)
Climate Classification (PDF)
Deserts and Oceans (PDF)
Fault Types (PDF)
Movement (PDF)
Pedogenic Regimes (PDF)
Soil Match (PDF)
Soils (PDF)
Soil Taxonomy (PDF)
Streams (PDF)
Weathering (PDF)
Test Study Guide (PDF)