Tutors at OC STEM Center

Spring 2017 

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Geovane Marquez
(Math and Physics)    

Hometown: Ventura

Major: Electrical Engineer

Expected graduation year: 2019 from UC

My future career goals are.. : to improve the transportation
systems and publish a science-fiction novel.

Tutor Picture Geo

Manny Vega

Hometown :

Major :

Expected Graduation Year

My Future Career Goals are…:



Melani Castellanos

Hometown: Oxnard

Major: Mathematics

Expected Graduation year: Oxnard College 2018/ Four-year
Institution 2020

My future career goals are..: to graduate with my Bachelors
Degree and Masters degree in Mathematics, and to become a
Mathematics professor. 


Rafael Hernandez
(Math & Physics )

Hometown : Oxnard

Major : Computer Science

Expected Graduation Year : from Oxnard College 2018/ from
a four-year University 2020

My Future Career Goals are…: to graduate with a Bachelors
of Science degree in Computer Science and start a business
in the tech field.