The Standing Committee on Accreditation

(Participatory Governance Manual 2010)


The Committee is appointed by and is advisory to the Executive Vice President of Oxnard College.


The Accreditation Committee has responsibility for organizing, researching and drafting accreditation self study and mid-term reports. The committee will also assist in the documentation of college accomplishments. The committee is also responsible for keeping the Oxnard College community informed of the status of College related to the accreditation process.


  • Executive Vice President of Student Learning designee
  • Academic Senate President designee
  • Vice President of Business Services
  • Academic Senate President
  • Classified Senate President
  • ASG President
  • Dean of Educational Services and Research
  • Dean of Student Services
  • Department Chairs
  • Appropriate deans and faculty co-chairs


  • To develop an on-going campus culture of continuous improvement
  • To create accurate accreditation reports that reflect the college‟s quality programs, services, and initiatives as they relate to accreditation standards
  • To keep the campus community well-informed of accreditation recommendations, standards, and related campus initiatives
  • To meet all deadlines for accreditation reports
  • To recommend to the Professional Development Committee appropriate training for college personnel on accreditation standards and initiatives


To accomplish the above goals the Accreditation Committee will:

  • Prepare drafts of reports for campus review
  • Prepare documentation to support self-study reports
  • Stay informed of all accreditation standards
  • Distribute accreditation standards to the college community

Expected Outcomes

  • Serve as hosts for visiting accreditation teams
  • Meet with visiting accreditation team members as required
  • Draft a Report of Accreditation Self-study
  • Draft a Report of Progress and Mid-term Accreditation Reports Document Files for each Standard