Joel Diaz, Oxnard College Registrar

Photo of Joel Diaz, Oxnard College Registrar

Working with VCCCD for over 13 years, and working at Oxnard College for over 10 years, Joel Diaz is no stranger to Oxnard College and the community.  Joel graduated from Oxnard College and was a successful transfer student at Humboldt State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration.  Joel was promoted from an Admissions and Records Tech to Assistant Registrar and is now the Registrar at Oxnard College.  He oversees the Admissions and Records Office, which is responsible for admissions, registration, residency determination, transcripts, veterans benefits, and the accuracy/maintenance of all student records. 

In his spare time, Joel enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.  He also enjoys running and working on his yard.